Expense Tracker & Easy Budget App Reviews

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not for business

no sub categories and not designed for business at all.

Read carefully

Read carefully. Might not be what you are looking for. Do not throw your money away. Service is not too friendly. No chance to test it first.

Junk app

This app does absolutely no work. You must input every item separately (paychecks for example aka: no reoccurring setting) and it doesnt even compare them. After you do enter in all your information it will simply say "income: <total #> Expenses: <total #>" It doesnt display comparison of the two and it doesnt show positioning based on intended financial location. Therefor this is not a budget tool at all, just a recolored calculator with pictures. If that description is what you desire then enjoy. The app itself as an app is also pretty junkie. If you select a date the normal date wheel pops up, great, normally if you select a text line at this point the wheel would go away and the keyboard would rise; this however is not the case. Instead both would remain up and every additional item you click to edit will also come up until you go through and close each item manually. Equally designed is the graph, which I looked forward to, which doesnt do as the pictures show. It does not combine income and display expenses as it should. Instead every single item (including each separate pay stub) is its own slice of pie with a %. Therefor again you have to calculate the information your self anyway to see truly what percent of your income you spend on which item. Overall waste of money and disappointment.

Expense Tracker

I dont want to be over budget, I want to be able manage my expense daily, monthly and annually, I find this app at right moment to accomplish my goal. Best of the best app.

Unlimited budget accounts

The expense tracker has the essential features to control my daily expense, by managing what I have to spend every day, Ill be able to balance and thats my way to save right there. Thanks icubemedia you done an outstanding job.


its very useful for me, thanks

What a ripoff

Very limited functionality. Lacks the ability to define terms of budget (monthly, weekly, etc). This app looks like someone made it in their basement over the weekend. Dont waste your money.


Not able to set biweekly or semimonthly payments or deductions. Would like a refund.

Track your expense!

I doubted it to find a good app for my financial tracking, I was not able to control my expense habits, this app make it possible to shine my expense. I budget my earnings and follow the numbers now, furthermore it had ( line or bar ) that allows user to compare their savings and expense side by side. Thanks!!

Very good on the go!

Setting my budget or track expenses for each travel or different project never been easy before until I found this stunning app to create or modify. This app also there for everyone who really wants to keep track for everything, this the best way for not forget the money I spent while Im out. Highly recommended!

Very Useful !

It helps a lot while at work and away from home, I like how I can set my spending and set apart some money for my saving. The simplest app to use, this is what Im looking for!

Recommend !!

Its been a while that I was not able to keep up with my expense and I said enough is enough, I was looking around the App Store for a great expense tracker app, I finally decided to get this one and its a complete expense application for my saving.

Great college expense!!

Im a college student with a lot expenses, these expenses include meal plans. Of course this kind of expense the school doesnt provide with any account overview of my meal expenses which it is hard to keep track of how much money I have to eat. I was lucky to find this app and I can only say that, this app is simply amazing. I was able to set categories between campus funds and flex plan funds. Wonderful!!

I absolutely like this app!

I needed something to help keep track on my rental property, this app does a stunning job of recording expense and displaying all transaction. I didnt want to spend more than $5,000 to have my house up and ready so I set my income budget to $5,000 and my account to Home Depot and lowes ( for quick selection of where expense is going) this expense tracker app put it together, every time I spend money toward the property I will enter the amount immediately because my helper is with me all the time, expense tracker.

Quite fantastic!

I downloaded this expense tracker and take time to manage in the perspective to know what I have, setting up my budget. Once you figure out how to set up, youll love to stay in this app to track your expense, your daily transaction you re off to save money. Dont worry the app will help you to figure out how to make some saving by balancing your spending.

Receipt in boxes, Ive my rescue!

I used to do this thing after every business purchase just to track my expenses. Take a pic of my receipts and chuck the receipt. Back it up on my desktop every week. Used to have shoeboxes full of papers to sort at the end of the year. So easy and makes me look organized. Its perfect for independent contractor like me who turns in receipts and numbers to CPA at end of year for write-offs. Expense tracker app is a great one!


If you want to cut back on spending, it will be there to give you a snapshot of what percentage of your money is being spent on what/where, therefore you can easily see where you may spend less. This app is my of progress!


It has a stunning tool that let me to visualize the breakdown of my transaction, thats one of them I mention, the other features, Im just speechless.

Easy budget!

Once you use this app, you will use it everyday to control your estimation, Assigning an estimation to every category and accurately to observe the evolution of my income. Wonderful!

Huge time saver!

I always try to record my cost flow. However, it is always difficult and annoying thing when you try to manage record. Expense tracker has a nice and friendly interface to import your record for each cost you made. Moreover, this app will help you to understand your cost and make plan to save your money.

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